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School Furniture

Lecture Chair

Chair lectures, the structure of the tubes, plastic and the back of the hands of the writing of the wood, fixed and mobile

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Stoll Chair

Stoll, wood chair, the height of the wood Sweden, measuring 30 * 30 rule

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Student Chair

Students chairs, legs of the tubes, the back of the plastic

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Teachers Chairs

Teachers chair, legs of pipes, and the back of the plastic.

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Computer Table

Computer table, the structure of pipes, painted wood material MDF

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Student Table

Table pupils plus a chair, the chair of the pipes and back plastic, table of pipes and the face sheets Fund

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Teacher Table

Teacher table in a room of teachers, legs Pipes, the structure and the stairs of the tin, face sandwich of wood, covered with fromica, the edges of zan.

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Drawers Wardrobe

Treasury securities, drawers, metal manufacturing, tin size of 0.8 cm.

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Eyes Wardrobe

Metal cabinets, multiple eyes, the structure of metallic iron, there is a fixed shelves inside the cabinet ...

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Helms Wardrobe

Treasury laboratory tools, metal, metal structure of iron, painted thermal paint, is divided into three parts.

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